Iranian Pooyesh Part Gostar Production Company with the brand name “Pooyesh Part”, a manufacturer of all kinds of electrical parts and car switches with more than 2 years of experience with the most reputable spare parts brands in Iran, in line with its brand development strategy and direct presence in the market. Has sold its products in a special package “Pooyesh Part”.

Pooyesh Part is the first manufacturer of double glass (transparent) relay in Iran, hereby informs that Pooyesh Part Industrial Company, in order to create differentiation and customer satisfaction for the first time in Iran, produces double relay with glass cover (transparent). Has done.
In this product, in addition to using a transparent cover, two LEDs with different colors have been used to show the performance of each relay separately, which in addition to creating a beautiful appearance for this product, makes it easy to troubleshoot the car without No tools will be needed in times of need, as the brightness of each LED will indicate that the relevant relay is connected (safe).